Being a Special Needs Mom is Lonely

Sometimes I'm sad. Angry. Frustrated. Alone. It took me about four years to say the words. "I am a mom to a special needs child." I didn't believe it--which shocked me. I feel like I'm usually self aware. Occasionally my conversations with some friends go like this where I start off with, "Oh man. S1 … Continue reading Being a Special Needs Mom is Lonely


“Oh, so he’s hyper?”

Think of the first few words or phrases you think of when you hear ADHD... Ok, go! Awesome, did you think any of these? Hyper In-your-face Can't sit still Talks too much Just calm down! Ritalin "Bad" at school Those are fairly stereotypical. What about any of these? Co-morbid diagnoses Over-stimulated Racing thoughts Sensory disorders Intelligent … Continue reading “Oh, so he’s hyper?”