Drink Up!

Parenting a child with ADHD is hard work. Drink water to take care of yourself too.

I’m dehydrated today. I can tell because my heart is pounding a little more than normal, I can’t think as straight, my shoulder and neck muscles are tense, I’m crankier, and I have a headache.

During my pregnancies I had something called severe Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Feel free to read about it. I was constantly throwing up. I could NOT keep any amount of fluids down of any kind. Trust me—we tried everything in every variety. I would sip something, it would immediately come back up. So, I got all my fluids through an IV every single day at the hospital or at home for months on end. For week I didn’t even attempt to put any fluid in my mouth or anything even partially fluid like oatmeal or jello. It just didn’t work.

I know what long term dehydration feels like. I know how it harms your brain and makes it so you can’t think or feel rationally at all.

That IV was like a drug. Every time I’d plug my fluids into my arm I’d instantly start to relax and feel happier and calmer. I promised myself I would never allow myself to be dehydrated again if I could help it.

Yet here I am today, dehydrated.

Lets look at this article first.

It lists signs and dangers of dehydration and future complications like Fibromyalgia, Diabeties, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, and more.

Present issues would be constipation (uh, that doesn’t feel good…), anxiety (I know this one for a fact!), dizziness, lack of focus, and more.

I know I am a grumpier, less patient mom when I am dehydrated.

Don’t you want to feel better and you’re healthier AND be a  more patient parent?

My favorite tips are these:

I’m a huge water fan and rarely drink anything else, but if you don’t like water add a sugar free flavor packet or fresh fruit. (I like fresh lemon, lime, and orange water.)

Drink water after every trip to the bathroom.

Use an app to keep track of your water. I’ve used my Fitbit app for this in the past. Daily Water Tracker Reminder has 4.8 stars and is free!

I keep water by my bed at night and if I get up at night (“If”? Who am I kidding. I have five kids. I get up every night.) I drink a glass. That makes me feel a lot less like a raisen in the morning.

This is my FAVORITE though! Get a water bottle that is measured for you like this.I love Amazon and that’s where this one is from. And it has the fruit infusion!

If the fruit infusion option isn’t your thing, then try this one. Also from Amazon, this one is perfect for me. I love the happy reminders on the outside that sometimes I greatly need, but mostly I just forget to drink sometimes when I’m chasing children. This one tells you the times you should be drinking the right amount! There’d be no drinking three glasses at 9 p.m. and up all night running to the bathroom anymore!

What should YOUR water intake be?

First, take your weight and multiple it by 2/3. That is the ounces you should consume! But then, if you workout and sweat you need to add another 12 ounces for every 30 minutes of workout. Don’t go overboard though. Drinking too much can lead to dangerous sodium imbalances. Just stick to what your body needs!

Simple enough! I promise drinking the right amount of water (and cutting back on unhealthy drinks) is a great and easy first step to being healthy for both you and your children!

So, drink up! And get your children to drink their correct amount too. Their young brains need it even more sometimes!





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